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The Westland Properties Group retains an experienced real estate consultant:


Trish O’Neill | RE-Source Consulting

The Westland Properties Group uses the professional housing consulting services of Trish O’Neill of RE-Source Consulting. Trish provides the Westland Properties Group and our clients with current new home and existing home evaluations by subdivision, master plan, submarket and/or municipality. This analysis is done by providing Competitive Homebuilder Inventory & Absorption Reports for residential subdivisions throughout the metropolitan Phoenix marketplace.

RE-Source Consulting provides ground-up research and strategic analysis of residential real estate projects to homebuilders, developers, investors, financial institutions and land brokers. A keen emphasis is placed on balancing the five essential elements of a successful residential project: Site Location, Product, Pricing, Target Buyer and Sales & Marketing, in order to maximize market performance and profitability.

Trish O’Neill, principal of RE-Source Consulting, has analyzed real estate projects on a market and site-specific level for over 15 years and has managed hundreds of professional engagements. Before founding RE-Source Consulting she served as Senior Consultant for Cornerstone Consulting Company, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based consulting firm offering a broad range of real estate consulting and advisory services. Prior to joining Cornerstone, Ms. O’Neill worked in sales and management capacities at Wells Fargo Bank in Arizona and JP Morgan Chase Bank in New York City.

Email: trish@re-sourceconsulting.com

Website: www.RE-SourceConsulting.com